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Senior Design Roles

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2023-04-27 17:16:38 UTC

It’s been a long journey with a very small core team for a while and over the last year we started to slowly expand the KidSuper Studios Team. Being that we are creatives & designers at core, of our now multi-disciplinary global enterprise haha, we are finally opening to public ability to join team in what capacity we see fits. We are looking for all types of designers, and hiring multiple, the compensation will be based on your experience and how good at soccer & funny you are.

  • some general requirements we look for

    • Amazing taste level

    • must be able take a joke

    • must know about obscure art & fashion history to inspire Colm

    • must be a self starter, do not expect a lot of infrastructure or support,

    Though we love generalists & multi-disciplinary creatives this is list based on priority:

  • Technical Clothing Designer

    • we are all self-taught, someone with immense technical skills & extensive experience working on many various clothing projects at once.

    • familiar with things like CLO3D, and technical clothing design programs.

  • Design Manager / Director

    • Beyond amazing taste, ability to open up and design if need be.

    • Ability to organize many design projects at once, across all mediums

    • Good leadership abilities, nice to have strong past network of contracted creatives.

  • General Fashion Designer

    • Also building out Womenswear team.

  • Multidisciplinary Designer/Creatives

  • Graphic Designer

Though its cool you can be with us in Brooklyn, any remote location is cool.

Compensation based on experience.

full-time, part-time, contract based roles all possible.

Keep in mind, do to our small team, work can get intense sometime, long hrs, annoying problems to solve. If not ready for a scrappy startup environment this may not be a job for you.


KidSuper Studios

intern/jr. type positions coming later.

**Website URL: could be portfolio, instagram or your favorite link.

you can enter 2 more links below if need be.

your resume/cv upload can be a portfolio or project you love.

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